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Central & Eastern European Tours

Our Central & Eastern European Tours will leave you wanting more! From the grand and majestic cities of Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Venice to larger than life castles in Germany & Slovakia to the soaring Alps in Austria, make sure your camera is at hand and you are prepared for some of the best Europe has to offer!

Six-Day European Capitals” Tour – Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna!

Build Your Trip! Expanded Tours – In addition to seeing three of Central Europe’s most stunning cities you can also choose from one of the below options to expand on our “Six-Day European Capitals” tour!

  • Expanded North – Spend 2 to 3 days in stunning Prague, Czech Republic with the option of adding on our 2-day “Czech Republic Highlights” tour!
  • Expanded South – Visit some of Central Europe’s most incredible sites on this 3-day tour of Zagreb, Croatia; alpine Slovenia; and Austria (including the mighty Alps & musical Salzburg)! We also offer the following add-ons: 2-day Venice; 2-day Innsbruck, Austria & Bavarian Alps/Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany; 2-day Munich, Germany and Dachau concentration camp.
  • Expanded East – 2-day “Castles & Mountains” Slovakian Highlights tour; 3-day “Hiking Slovakia” tour; optional (but highly recommended!) 2-day Krakow, Poland and Auschwitz concentration camp!
  • Expanded West – If you have come to Europe to see the Alps, our 3-day Expanded West tour is for you! Spend time visiting the Austrian Alps, Salzburg, Innsbruck, & the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany! Optional 2-day Munich, Germany and Dachau concentration camp; optional 2-day Venice; optional 2 to 3-day Prague; optional 2-day “Czech Republic Highlights” tour

Country Tours

We Americans have a big country and are one people. In Europe, however, every country is very unique and there are many peoples. Crossing the border between states in America brings some changes; crossing the border between countries in Europe is like entering a completely different world! In some places even neighboring countries were isolated from one another, as travel was restricted under communism. For example, Romania and Ukraine share a long border but couldn’t be more different one from the other!

Each and every European country is a fascinating discovery and deserves to be explored, its people understood, its cuisine tasted, its treasures viewed, its language heard, its history probed and its identity uncovered. Our Country Tours do all that, and more!

Each tour is uniquely crafted to slowly unfurl the complexity and beauty of each and every country. By the time your tour is done you will be intimately familiar with the country(s) of your choice and it (they) will always hold a special place in your heart!

Follow the links below to see what we have to offer!

  • Romanian Tours
  • “Austrian Wonderland” Tour
  • Hungarian “Magyar” Tour
  • “Slovak Surprise” Tour
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatian “Adriatic Gem” Tour
  • “Alps to the Adriatic” Slovenia/Croatia Tour

Still having trouble decided which tour to take? Check out our Tours Arranged by Length of Time link to narrow down your search based on how many days you have available.

You can also check out our “City Getway” Tours for ideas on visiting some of the spectacular and famous cities of Europe such as Rome, Paris, Berlin and London!