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“City Getaway” tours

Europe has some of the most spectacular and famous cities in the entire world! A visit to just one of these cities is an unforgettable experience. While our country tours are designed to immerse you in the local atmosphere and culture of a particular country, you may not have the time for this type of a trip.

With this in mind we have created 34 “City Getaway” tours. These tours are also designed for you to thoroughly imbibe the local culture of a particular city but allow you to do so in just a few days. Come bask in the glow of some of the most famous sites in the world!

Ever been to the Louvre in Paris? Stood in St. Peter’s Square in Rome? Visited Buckingham Palace in London? Seen the incredible gothic architecture of Prague? Taken a walk on the wild side and visited the surprisingly fascinating city of Kiev, Ukraine?

If you have always wanted to but just haven’t yet, now is the time! Don’t let life slip by you. There are so many things to explore that will broaden your horizons, educate you, fascinate you, and deepen your understanding of the world we live in!

Italian City Tours

  • Rome
  • Rome + the Catacombs
  • Rome/Florence
  • Venice
  • Venice/Florence
  • Rome/Venice
  • Rome/Florence/Venice

Western European City Tours

  • Paris
  • London
  • Paris/London
  • Paris/London/Rome
  • Paris/Brussels
  • Paris/Amsterdam
  • Paris/Brussels/Amsterdam
  • London/Brussels
  • London/Amsterdam
  • London/Brussels/Amsterdam
  • London/Paris/Brussels
  • London/Paris/Amsterdam
  • London/Paris/Brussels/Amsterdam

Central European City Tours

  • Vienna
  • Vienna/Bratislava
  • Vienna/Budapest
  • Vienna/Salzburg
  • Vienna/Salzburg/Innsbruck
  • Vienna/Salzburg/Munich
  • Vienna/Prague
  • Prague
  • Prague/Bratislava
  • Prague/Bratislava/Vienna
  • Prague/Bratislava/Budapest
  • Prague/Bratislava/Vienna/Budapest
  • Prague/Dresden
  • Prague/Berlin
  • Berlin
  • Berlin/Dresden
  • Berlin/Dresden/Prague
  • Berlin/Hamburg

Eastern European City Tours

  • Krakow/Auschwitz – Poland
  • Krakow/Auschwitz/Warsaw – Poland
  • Krakow/Auschwitz/Kiev – Poland, Ukraine
  • Krakow/Auschwitz/Warsaw/Kiev – Poland, Ukraine

Having trouble choosing? Check out our Tours Arranged by Length of Time link to narrow down your search based on how many days you have available.

Also check out some of our country tours (which of course include many cities also!) using the following links in order to get more ideas for your European vacation!

Central & Eastern European Tours

Romanian Tours