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  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203

Appartment transition


  • To assist youths who are forced to leave the orphanages at around eighteen years of age to transition from institutionalized life in the orphanage to being productive members of society.
  • To provide a Christian environment in which they will be exposed to the Gospel on a regular basis.
  • To fulfill our mission statement: “Bringing the forgotten orphan children in Romania to faith in Christ, discipling them, and equipping them to be productive citizens and Christians.”



  1. Keep the orphans off the streets at their moment of crisis by providing a transition from institutionalized life to normal life.
  2. Provide housing.
  3. Provide assistance with finding and keeping a job.
  4. Teach financial responsibility, saving, and budgeting.
  5. Teach household skills: washing clothes/dishes, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Leave the program as responsible adults who can manage their money and homes without oversight. Having stayed in a Christian environment for a year and a half they will know the gospel message clearly and hopefully will have made the decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.



  1. Choose the orphans to include in the Apartment Transition Project from those already active in other ROM projects and with whom we have already established a relationship.
  2. Rent an apartment, purchase furniture and appliances, and provide linens, kitchen supplies, and other basic household needs, as needed.
  3. Establish a contract with the youths to make the program term, financial responsibilities, and house rules clear.
    1. The duration of the program is two years for those not attending school. Youth attending school will be allowed to participate in the program for the duration of their schooling plus 18 months after they have finished school and entered the work force.
    2. Financial Responsibilities
      1. Youth who are attending high school or college and who have a heavy workload at school will have all costs supported by sponsors, as long as they continue to attend school and keep an 80 or above average in all classes. If grades fall, tutors will be provided.
      2. Youths who attend high school or college but have an easier workload will be required to find employment and pay $100 a month towards ongoing expenses. (Note: Romanian staff will determine workload size.)
      3. Youths who are not attending high school or college must work and pay their own way.
    3. A set of house rules will be established and each participant must agree with and sign a contract with said rules.
  4. Oversight will be conducted by ROM staff in Oradea. Bi-weekly visits will be conducted along with frequent telephone calls. As the youth develop, learn how to take care of themselves, and trust is developed, more independence will be given.


After the initial term of the project, continue to provide counsel and, in special situations, financial help to the program graduates for up to two years. If the young person has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior, continue to disciple him; if not, continue to keep an open relationship in order to encourage future opportunities for evangelism.


3 young men in a 2-bedroom apartment or 3 young women in a 2-bedroom apartment.


Meet with the youths bi-weekly to discuss issues. Monitor progress monthly and if progress falls below established levels the youth must leave the program. At 3 months a larger evaluation occurs. A final evaluation occurs at 18 months.

BUDGET – Apartment Transition Program

Start-up Expenses
Beds (3) $400
Mattresses (3) $350
Linens (blankets, pillows, bed sheets, etc.) & Towels $350
Dressers/Wardrobes (2) $600
Desks (2) $275
Desk chairs (2) $100
Nightstands (3) $175
Lamps (3) $100
Kitchen Table $100
Chairs (5) $75
Washing Machine $400
Refrigerator $450
Stove $325
Gas $55
Curtains $260
Kitchen Utensils $235
Contingency 10% $425
Total Start-up Expenses $4,675.00
Ongoing Expenses Monthly Yearly
Living Expenses (3 Youth)
Rent $300 $3,600
Utilities $150 $1,800
Food $225 $2,700
Telephone $25 $300
Clothing $75 $900
Medicine $50 $600
Tutors $100 $1,200
Contingency 10% $92.50 $1,110
Total Living Expenses $1,017.5 $12,210
Overhead Costs
Transportation, office expenses, communication, etc. $100.00 $1,200.00
Total Overhead Costs $100.00 $1,200.00
Total Ongoing Expenses $1,117.5 $13,410
Cost per Child $372.50 $4,470.00

Back to school

Because of a lack of guidance, many of the orphans make poor decisions regarding their schooling. To complicate matters, students must pick a field of study after the eighth grade. The Romanian educational system is unforgiving for those who choose poorly at this important juncture.
Studying hard

Most of the orphans end up completing a two year “professional” school instead of a four year high school. Little is learned at these professional schools and students are “graduated” with little or no skills to equip them to get by in the harsh Romanian society.

When they are done with school, regardless of age, they must leave the orphanage. They then try and make ends meet by working various very low-paying jobs. This is what they must do just to survive.

Many of our kids, however, are very bright and talented. With a little help they can get their diploma and go on to college. Without help, there is no way they can get out of the vicious cycle they are in. That is why many give in to the lures of quick money in Western Europe, only to be tricked into prostitution and pedophilia. Few of these young people are ever heard from again!
English Class with Jennie

The Back to School program matches sponsors in the States with young people in Romania who want a better future for themselves…and are willing to work for it.

Claudiu is one such young person. He has a burning desire to go to a Christian college and to use his life to serve the Lord!

Because of the sponsorship of a family in America, Claudiu has gone back to school full time. He attends school and this year should have his high school diploma! However, Claudiu is way behind where he should be. He requires special tutors and has been studying intensively for a year and a half in order to pass the very stringent baccalaureate exams given to students after high school. Please pray for him!

Iolanda is another orphan whom we are helping through this project. She will be taking a six-month seamstress course. This will equip her with a trade which will in turn allow her to support herself.

The Back to School project meets the young person where he or she is at. Some of our young people wish to go to college. Others have no high school degree and it would take them years to get it and even more to go on to college. We help them with vocational courses. Whether it is helping the orphans with college, a high school degree, or a vocational course we work toward encouraging and enabling them to achieve their goals.

This project requires sponsorship from caring people like you! To find out about opportunities for sponsorship please see our current needs page or contact us.
Alexandru, one of our mentors, helps two of our orphans get their diplomas!