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  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203
  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203

You can help orphans by visiting Europe. Please read below for more information!
Visit the stunning Parliament Building – Budapest, Hungary!

Helping orphans by taking a trip to Europe? That’s right; you can help orphans by taking a trip to Europe!

European Tours is a division of Romanian Orphan Ministries, Inc. through which we lead tours to many wonderful destinations in Europe, and of course, Romania!

All profits are used to fund our activities with orphans in Romania. You receive a professional, personal, guided tour of one of our many exciting destinations and we use the profits to advance our mission of evangelizing, discipling, and equipping the orphans of Romania!

We offer:

  • competitive prices
  • personal service
  • safe, guided tours
  • flexible itineraries
  • years of experience in Europe

Our tours are perfect for the:

  • families
  • home school groups
  • other small groups
  • Sunday school classes
  • churches
  • men’s or women’s groups
  • adventure-minded
  • youth groups
  • youth adopted from Romania

Our tours can be tailor-made to fit your interests, budget, and time constraints!

This part of Europe is our home away from home and we love showing it off to our fellow Americans!

We pride ourselves on conducting unique, interesting and safe guided tours that allow you to really soak up the native culture and way of life. We show you the real Europe, not the Europe from a tour bus! Let us take you on an adventurous tour of some of the grandest sights in the world!

Follow the Our Tours link to find out more or use the following links to see what we have to offer you!