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  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203

Saturday Out

After several years of working with the young people in the orphanages and seeing what their lives are like there, we have come to the conclusion that anything we can do to get them out of that negative, hostile, damaging environment is a benefit to them. The orphanage provides very few productive activities for these young people. They have nothing to do but lounge around and get into trouble; and they do!

Our Bible study group on a trip to Hunedoara castle!

We began the Saturday Out program as a way to combat this problem. One Saturday a month we take the kids out of the orphanage and do something constructive, fun, educational, or all of the above with them. We include the young people who are already involved in our other activities, such as our Bible study or the Discipleship 101 program, as well as inviting orphans not yet involved in an effort to encourage them to participate and/or come to church.

Picnic time!

The operating costs for this program vary depending on what activity we choose to do in a given month. There are many opportunities for outings in our area that cost very little. Certain day-trips to the mountains, however, cost a little more. Therefore, the funding necessary for this project is between $20 and $60 per month.

Everyone enjoying an educational trip to the Cluj Botanical Gardens.

Besides the obvious benefits of being able to constantly invite new orphans to participate, this project also allows us to spend time with our core group of orphans in whom we have invested so much time and energy. Hiking through the mountains or being in a car for several hours together provides opportunities for relationship building, discipling, mentoring… and just having fun!

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