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  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203
  • P.O. Box 148145 Nashville, Tennessee 37214-8145
  • 615-478-3203

Orphan youth are turned out onto the streets with few life skills. Joblessness, homelessness, drug abuse, prostitution, jail, and becoming victims of human trafficking are just a few of the results.

Romanian Orphan Ministries assists these youths in the transition from institutionalized life to becoming a productive member of society.

Our strategy is holistic, encompassing spiritual, social, physical, and educational facets.

Our mission statement is, “Bringing the forgotten orphan children in Romania to faith in Christ, discipling them, and equipping them to be productive citizens and Christians.” So, we have three main goals: to evangelize, to disciple, and to equip.

We currently work very closely with around 20 orphans. We seek to have a big impact on a few lives rather than a little impact on many. We spend much time building relationships with them so that we can make a difference in their lives.

Our biggest project is our Beauty from Ashes Center for Orphan Girls. To learn more about this project, please see the appropriate link.

Also, since 2010, we have begun several small businesses whose main purpose is to provide jobs for orphans. To see more about our “Business as Missions” activities please see our “Greeting Cards” link.

Our broader ministry seeks to attract more youth into our programs and the church and we currently work with around 60 orphans in these endeavors.

But programs and activities aside, we personally believe that the one thing that overrides all others is love. We show them love and acceptance, treating them and considering them as part of our own family.

Please follow the links below or to the left to find out more specifically how God has called us to minister to the orphans in Romania.